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Importance of Teacher Interaction with Learners

Importance of Teacher Interaction with LearnersIn order to facilitate learning activity in the classroom a teacher must have a clear knowledge of who learners are. In general, a learner is an individual who engage him/herself in the process of acquiring new knowledges and developing varieties of new skills. A learner can be found wherever a learning process takes place between two persons or among a group of people. In the context of schooling a learner is a child who can be a student of primary, middle or secondary school and their utmost and primary duty is to learn.In whatever age or stage the learner is at, there are some learning theories which classifies the types of learning patterns and thereby the learners. It is believed that learning has no age restrictions and it begins ever since the child starts to talk and recognize. However, the theories involve the social, psychological and creative contexts.What we consider as progressive education was first conceptualized by John Dewey in the late nineteenth century.

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